Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Marvel Avengers Party Ideas

DIY: Avengers Party Ideas
November 18, 2014
DIY: Marvel Avengers logo tote bag
Avengers Tote Bag

Last year I threw myself a big birthday party, the kind of party kids have.  I had the party at the beautiful Los Encinos State Historic Park.

I also made some PVC bows and arrows using this tutorial, but I didn't curve the PVC as I found they worked better (arrows shot much farther) if I left them straight. This meant they didn't look like bows, but they worked so that's what was important to me. I also used pencil top erasers as the "arrow" and that also worked well.  

I made a Hulk Smash Box similar to this, but I used one of the boxes I had received from ordering all the candy favors online. I used white foam core board and cut holes in the cardboard box and the foam core and sandwiched green tissue paper between them. I put small prizes inside. 
DIY Hulk smash prize box
"Smashing" the Hulk Smash Box.

Here are a few of the favors I made for each of the guests at the party. I made sure there were things specific for kids, too.

I got this cheeky idea for Black Widow favors.

Wax Lips candy
 I also made arrow straws filled with Pixy Stix.  I don't have a picture of them, but I made them again for my niece's Hunger Games birthday party seen here. I also made black arrow pens gluing felt to form the fletching.

Using the freezer paper stencil technique, see this tutorial, I made these shirts for prizes. 

DIY painted Iron Man t-shirt
Iron Man shirt

DIY painted Hulk t-shirt
Hulk Shirt

Avengers Logo t-shirt
Avengers "A" Logo shirt

Captain America Star shirt

Tony Stark gave the 100 Grand bars. 

 Tony also had "Tony Stark Party Bags" which were 6x9" red satin drawstring favor bags containing a deck of cards, 2 red dice, and golden and red casino chips.

SHIELD Warheads

Tesseract Cubes (cotton candy flavored rock candy) which I had to label since it looked like it was from Breaking Bad.

DIY Marvel Avengers Matchbook notepad favors
These are the first matchbook style notebooks I made.

DIY: Marvel Avengers Coloring book favors
Coloring Books

Captain America Tootsie Rolls

Tesseract Bracelets

The Hershey's Kisses were given to me by a friend as leftovers from the candy bar at her son's Bar Mitzvah.  I cut a bunch of small boxes with my Cricut and placed 1 kiss per box.  I tried to use Avengers colors (Green-Hulk, Deep Red - Thor, Yellow - Iron Man, etc.) 

I printed a pumpkin carving stencil onto cardstock to use as a stencil to paint the "A" logo onto the tote bags which I gave to each of the guests to hold all of their goodies.

 I first traced the image using a gold pen (to show up on the black bag), then covered that outline in dimensional fabric paint in silver metallic.  Then I filled in the logo with soft fabric paint in silver metallic. The paints I used were Tulip brand.

Gold tracing

Dimensional paint

Fill in with "soft" style fabric paint.
 I also made Avengers bookmarks, and I still have some of those, I don't have a picture of them. 

DIY Avengers Logo tote bag autographed by Jeremy Renner
I saved a bag for myself and was able to get Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) to sign it at the Thor: The Dark World Los Angeles Premiere!


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