Wednesday, July 22, 2015

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 - Exhibition Floor

Exhibition Floor
San Diego Comic-Con 2015
San Diego Convention Center
July 9-12, 2015

large Iron Man and Incredible Hulk Lego statues at the Lego Booth
Lego IronMan and Hulk at the Lego Booth

Since my time at SDCC was so scattered each day, I thought I would recap them by area, event, etc. instead of by day.  I didn’t take any photos of cosplayers so you won’t find those here this time.  Today’s post will be about the exhibition floor.  I don’t go to SDCC to buy exclusives (or to spend money I don’t have) or much of anything really, so I just like to see the displays and participate in the interactive activities and giveaways.  I wish I had spent more time on the “floor” as I didn’t see all of it this year.  I also didn’t get a chance to check out the fan tables on the Mezzanine level of the convention center.

Zombies at the Walking Dead booth
Walking Dead Booth

Walking Dead Booth

Robotech statuette

Hulk Buster Iron Man - San Diego Comic Con 2015.
Wish I got a better shot of the Hulk Buster

Marvel Booth

The Peanuts Movie booth

Outlander Standing Poster

Legendary Pictures booth
Legendary Booth

Signings at the IDW Publishing booth
Signings at the IDW booth
I really liked seeing the costumes for the current DC movies and television series.  I have to say that I really didn’t like the Batman costume (I think it may have been some sort of “armor” version) as it look too much like the Iron Giant and not enough like Batman. 

Arsenal costume display
Arsenal Costume
Black Canary Costume display - San Diego Comic Con 2015.
Black Canary Costume
Wonder Woman (2015/17 version) costume display
Wonder Woman Costume
Armored Batman costume display
Armored Batman Costume
Ra's Al Ghul (CW Arrow) costume display
Ra's al Ghul
Arrow Costume worn by Emily Bett Rickards
Arrow Costume worn by Emily Bett-Rickards
Firestorm costume display
Firestorm Costume
Reverse Flash costume display
Reverse Flash Costume
The Flash costume display
Flash Costume
Captain Cold costume display
Captain Cold Costume
 The Hot Wheels Superman car was also very cool.  

Hot Wheels Superman car

The engine of the Hot Wheels Superman car

The Star Wars booth was actually comprised as a large open area-booth with smaller booths around its borders.  On a large screen above the booth they were playing Star Wars films.  

Star Wars films being shown on screens above the Star Wars booth
Star Wars movies playing above the Star Wars booth

Weta Workshop always has an incredible booth.  Their work is simply gorgeous, and I love seeing it up close.  One of the (many) times I walked by their booth, Richard Taylor was there.  I should have gotten an autograph, but I was trying to see and do so much!! Not enough time, never enough time at SDCC!

Weta Workshop booth

World of Warcraft (film) at the Weta booth

Richard Taylor signing at the Weta booth
Richard Taylor signing at the Weta booth

Some of the cool things you could do is get your picture taken with the Doctor Who Weeping Angels (4 photos printed on a sheet) which I didn’t do, but it looked really cool. 

You could also get your photo taken at the Lionsgate booth in the manner of the recent Mockingjay Part 2 posters.  I really don’t like those posters so I wasn’t really interested in waiting in line to be in one.  I did go through the booth and grabbed a couple of posters for my niece who is a huge Hunger Games fan (see the party I threw her last year.)

Lionsgate Mockingjay signage

The Lego booth had really cool Lego statues including Jurassic World, Avengers, and the Minions.  

Jurassic World Lego statues

Lego Hulkbuster fighting Lego Hulk

Minion Lego statue at the Lego booth

Dracula Minion Lego statue at the Lego booth

I'm really sorry I didn't make it very far on the floor, since I missed so much.  I had preview night, but was stuck at home waiting for a package for my costume (which didn't arrive until Thursday) on Wednesday, so I left late and got stuck in heavy traffic.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DIY: Star Wars Lightsaber Earrings

Tutorial: Star Wars Lightsaber Inspired Earrings
July 2015

I had been trying to think of a Star Wars themed jewelry craft, and I had found lighsaber party favors made using 6-inch light sticks.  While doing an unrelated search, I found 2-inch light sticks on eBay and figured I could make earrings out of them.  These are very easy to make, and I gave out my entire supply at San Diego Comic-Con.  I will definitely be making more for the release of A Force Awakens’ release this December if not sooner.  I'll be at D23 Expo this year, so I might make some more for that weekend!

I wanted to share a tutorial so you can make some for yourself. 


2-inch lightsticks – 1 pair
Kidney-style earring hooks – 1 pair
1-inch eye pins – 1 pair
Black Electrical tape
Silver tape
E6000 glue or similar

1. Cut a strip of electrical tape approximately 1 to 1 ½ inches long. 

2.  Partially wrap the lightstick with electrical tape

3. Put a strip of glue on the eyepin (I dipped the pin into the glue container)

4. Place the pin as close to the lightstick as possible and finish wrapping the electrical tape around the lightstick.

5.  Cut 1 or 2 strips of the silver tape approximately 1 to 1 ½ inches long. (Depending on the width of your silver tape, you may need to cut the strip again lengthwise)

 6. Wrap 1 strip of silver tape around the top edge of the electrical tape.

 7. Wrap the second strip of silver tape near the bottom of the electrical tape.

8.  Allow glue to cure according to manufacturer’s directions.

9.  Slide the completed lightsaber onto the kidney hook.

I chose the kidney style earring hooks because they allow for quick and easy replacement of the lightsabers since the lightsticks are one-time use.  Of course, you can wear these without lighting the sticks, too!

You can help me decide which colors to make for future earrings.  Please vote on the poll below.

What Color Lightsabers Would You Want? free polls