Thursday, November 19, 2015

Recap: Nuke the Fridge Con 2015

Nuke the Fridge Con
Frank and Son Collectible Show
November 14, 2015

DJ Galactic Ray playing music
DJ Galactic Ray

Last Saturday, I went to a free event hosted by in the exhibit area of Frank & Son Collectible Show.   Ray Park (Darth Maul, Snake Eyes), Lou Ferrigno (Hulk), and Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett) were the special guests who were doing signings and photo ops. There were also other special guests doing photo ops and signings.  

 Since these guests charge for photos, I, respectfully, didn't take candid photos of them.  But here are the "selfies" I took with them.  

Ray Park and me
Ray Park

Me and Daniel Logan
I don't know what happened with this picture with Daniel Logan

There were demonstrations from the Lightsaber Guild (I can't recall their exact name, sorry!), and there was a Hunger Games booth giving away some swag. The Lucasfilm booth didn't have their promo items so they were just taking names and email addresses from which they would choose 3 winners to receive the swag at a later date.  They did have a Han Solo in Carbonite and a statuette of Darth Maul on display behind their table.

Han Solo in carbonite

Darth Maul statuette

I didn't wear a costume though there was a costume contest, but I did where my Dark Side jersey from GeekyJerseys.  Ray Park and Daniel Logan hadn't arrived by the time I had (which was about an hour later than the event's start time), but when Ray arrived, he went down the line which was waiting for him and said hello and shook hands with everyone.  He complimented me on my shirt, too, which was awesome.  

Almost all of the pictures I took were of the contest, and I'm only posting a few of them.  

Cosplay Contest

Darth Vader cosplay  - Nuke The Fridge Con 2015

Edward Scissorhands cosplay  - Nuke The Fridge Con 2015

Captain Hook (Once Upon a Time) cosplay

Ghostbusters Cosplay

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay

Venom cosplay

Rufio Cosplay

Power Rangers cosplay

After the contest, I walked around the rest of the show and found quite a few items which would be great Christmas gifts, so I'll be going back in December.  

I'll be heading to San Jose this weekend for Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, and it looks to be a great time!  They will having another Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in the New York/New Jersey area in January, so stay tuned on what to expect! 


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