Monday, February 29, 2016

Recap: Long Beach Comic Expo 2016

Long Beach Comic Expo 2016
Long Beach, CA
February 20, 2016

The Marvel Report panel at Long Beach Comic Expo 2016
The Marvel Report panel

I wasn't planning on attending Long Beach Comic Expo until they announced Alan Tudyk as one of the guests, and that he would be having a Con-Man panel on the Saturday of the convention.  I was seconds from purchasing a Saturday badge when I realized that I should look for a discount code. had weekend passes for less than the regular price of a Sunday pass.  A friend sent me a "karma code" and I only ended up paying $16.50 for a weekend pass.  Goldstar ticket: $20 + $6.50 - $10 karma code = $16.50.  Yes!!!

This droid moved and had sound!
 I had gotten a cold the week before the convention, but I managed to make it through Saturday, though I left earlier than I had originally planned.  I decided not to attend on Sunday since I was (and still am) recovering. 

  The first panel I attended was "Chase Masterson's Pop Culture Hero Coalition & The Girl Scouts."  The Girl Scouts had participated in a workshop making comic pages with a comic book professional, and they were given their badge at the beginning of the panel.  The focus of the panel was anti-bullying, and the panelists were Chase Masterson (who also moderated), Jayashri Wyatt (UN advocacy specialist), Dr. Janina Scarlet (clinical psychologist), and Tommy Walker (actor, Daredevil).  The panelists told personal stories of being bullied, and how they handled being bullied (and what they should have done). Jayashri had met with Malala Yousafzai on three occasions during her work with the United Nations.

Chase Masterson

Tommy Walker
Tommy Walker

Dr. Janina Scarlet

Jayashri Wyatt
The next panel, was the ConMan panel, but I'll recap that in another post.  

The last panel I attended was "The Marvel Report Presents Marvelous Cosplay."  It was their first panel, and the panelists discussed how they began cosplaying, Marvel cosplay, and answered audience questions.  At the beginning of the panel, they handed out raffle tickets to the audience members and there were two Funko pops they were going to raffle off at the end of the panel.

Gavin and Shawn Richter during The Marvel Report panel
Gavin and Shawn Richter
They offered advice on how to begin cosplaying, and the misconception that you need to know how to sew in order to cosplay or that it has to be expensive.  

Shawn Richter

Gavin Richter

I think the most important pieces of advice were:
1. Cosplay what you love
2. Go to thrift stores or military surplus stores.
3. Think outside the box---look at pieces and see the potential it has
4. Don't stress about accuracy because
5. Cosplay is always a work in progress

I'll post a recap of the ConMan panel soon, and I'll be attending Silicon Valley Comic Con and WonderCon in March.  I hope to see you there!


Friday, February 26, 2016

FBF: Live with Kelly & Michael Post-Oscar Show

Kelly and Michael Post-Oscar Show Taping
Hollywood, CA
February 23, 2015

Last year, I went to the taping for the Live with Kelly and Michael Post-Oscar show which is taped inside the Dolby Theater (where the Oscars were held just a few hours earlier).  The Dolby Theater has approximately 3000 seats so there was a lot of waiting in line outside at 2am until about 5am when they moved us inside to wait in line.  Apparently, it was the sound-check for the musical guest (who will remain it ;-) if you wish) was running late and that's what was delaying us getting into the theater to be seated.  Once we were allowed in, it was a mad rush to get us all seated before they went live.  

Waiting in the lobby of the Dolby Theatre to be seated for the Live with Kelly and Michael Post-Oscars show
Slightly organized lines inside the Dolby lobby.
Then the live "taping" happened.  I took a few pictures when we weren't "live," but they don't do the sets justice.  It was absolutely stunning.  

The stage still decorated for the Oscars

The stage still decorated for the Oscars

Oscar Host Neil Patrick Harris with Kelly and Michael
Oscar Host, Neil Patrick Harris with Kelly and Michael

Kelly getting a makeup touch-up during a commercial break

I have a ticket for this year's taping very early Monday morning..or should I say Sunday night?  I've been inside the Dolby Theater quite a few times (mostly for movie premieres), but it's really transformed by the set designs for the Oscars.

I'll post a recap of this year's experience next week.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

TBT: Divergent Premiere

Divergent Premiere
Los Angeles, CA
March 18, 2014

Half of the still photographers working the Divergent Premiere
This is about half of the photographers.
By the time of the Divergent premiere, I had attended a handful of premieres and have attended double that amount since.  This was probably the worst ran premieres I have attended.  Most premieres start the screening about 30 minutes late due to all of the press outside and getting people to their seats inside the theater.  The Divergent premiere started over 90 minutes late.  They were using all three theaters in the area (Westwood) which are all less than a block from each other, and two are directly across from each other.  I ended being in the furthest theater from where they had placed us for the red carpet arrivals.  There was a huge fan area in which you had to have a wristband to access.  Everyone in this "official" fan area would also be seeing the movie that night in one of the three theaters being used.  

I was surprised to see Bellamy Young there (and after the movie, I'm still not sure why she was there), but I have to admit that she's even prettier in person.  I don't watch Scandal, but I do watch Criminal Minds, where she was a returning guest star as Hotch's girlfriend, Beth. 

Bellamy Young - Divergent Premiere
Bellamy Young

Bellamy Young - Divergent Premiere
Bellamy Young
The only pictures I could get of Kate Winslet were of her back, and it was dark by the time she had arrived. I also didn't get any good pictures of Maggie Q.

Ray Stevenson signing autographs
Ray Stevenson

Mekhi Phifer signing autographs
Mekhi Phifer

They didn't allow phones in the theater, but I was able to hide my phone as well as my friend's phone in my purse (I do love my Miche bags!) so we didn't have to check them in.  Once we were inside, we grabbed our free soda and popcorn and found our seats.  About 20 minutes into the movie, there was an issue and the screening had to be stopped.  I was getting worried because the parking structure where my car was parked closed at midnight and the initial screening didn't start until just after 9pm.  It took about 10 minutes and the movie was re-started.
Tony Goldwyn signing autographs
Tony Goldwyn
I'm so glad we didn't check-in our phones, because it would have been a nightmare trying to get my phone, get to my car and exit the parking structure before midnight.  It was lucky that we were in the smaller and "further" theater from the main premiere because it's the closest theater to where I parked.  The phone pick-up was a nightmare also because the phones were in clear plastic bags and laid out on a table.  People were just grabbing their (presumably) phones.  It would have been easy for anyone to grab several phones and walk away.  
Shailene Woodley - Divergent Premiere
Shailene Woodley

The reason for my posting this almost 2 years later is that I finally went through the pictures in my dropbox account, and I had forgotten about most of these events.  I'll be posting more "old" stuff on Thursdays as "throwback Thursday" and on Fridays as "flashback Friday" posts.  



Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Recap: Deadpool Fan Event

Deadpool Fan Event

Los Angeles, CA

January 18, 2016

Cast and creators of Deadpool at the Fan Event in Los Angeles.

I obtained passes for the Deadpool fan event which was promoted as showing clips from the film and a Q and A with the filmmakers.  The event was at 3pm, but since it was a holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday), I had the day off and was able to attend. 

I didn’t anticipate the problem with parking due to the holiday (increased shoppers) and the construction happening in the parking garage.  It took almost 40 minutes to park my car because most of the spots were taken, the lanes were made 1-way only due to the construction, and the lack of movement of any of the traffic.  I would have turned around and left if I was even able to find a space where I could turn around.  By the time I found a place where I could turn around, it was a back corner where there were many empty parking spaces.  This corner was actually much more convenient for getting to the theater since the elevators opened across from the theater.

They checked the IDs of everyone in line (no one under 18 years of age were allowed), as we waited in the lobby.  Once we were admitted, we received the ticket for the screening plus a ticket for a free soda/water and small popcorn. The “ticket” also served as a form for submitting questions for the Q and A.  The event was hosted by VSauce, and the filmmakers were introduced at which time we were told that we would be seeing the entire film and not just the clips we were expecting.  The director, Tim Miller, was quick to mention that the film wasn’t finished (it was still being “tweaked”), but we were seeing the complete film.  Just before the screening began, we handed in our questions.

After the screening, which only had 1 end-credit scene, the filmmakers which included Tim Miller, Rob Liefeld, TJ Miller, Stan Lee, Brianna Hildebrand, and (I think) two of the writers.  Stan Lee was definitely happy with his cameo and wanted more nudity.  My question was the last question asked for the night which was “What was your favorite scene to shoot?”  I don’t even remember what the answers were, but I think the bridge scene was mentioned.

When we left the theater, we were given USB flash drive rubber bracelets with the VSauce logo on them.  It wasn’t until a day or two later that I discovered the bracelet glows in the dark.

It was such a fun event, and I’m really happy that I went, and stayed. New York had a similar event that same night in which Ryan Reynolds was the guest.