Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SuperToyCon 2016: Star Wars Panel

Star Wars Panel
SuperToyCon 2016
Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
August 6, 2016

 The panels at SuperToyCon are fan-focused as there isn't a moderator asking the questions.  The panels were being held in Gold room B, and it was a smallish room, It was perfect for the panels and the size of the convention, and with the exception of a large pillar at the center of the room, it gave everyone a decent view. 

We took our time getting up this particular morning, and I didn't think we would make it to the Orleans Arena in time for the Star Wars panel at 10:30am.  I didn't have to worry since the panel started a few minutes late as the panelists, David Prowse and Greg Grunberg arrived a little late.  It seems that they didn't know they were on a panel and had only found out about it earlier that morning.
David Prowse and Greg Grunberg at the Star Wars panel at SuperToyCon 2016
David Prowse and Greg Grunberg
It was apparent right away that Greg Grunberg was really excited to be there with David Prowse, and asked David questions, too.  A fan asked both panelists how comfortable their costumes were.  David said the whole costume, helmet and mask not withstanding, was very comfortable as it was all fit to his measurements.  He mentioned that at the time he read the script he thought the Darth Vader role sounded interesting (and thought it was even better once he put on the costume), but nobody knew what the movie would actually be.
David Prowse at the Star Wars panel during SuperToyCon 2016
David Prowser (Darth Vader)
Greg said that he didn't get the script.  JJ (Abrams) is a good friend and called Greg to ask him if he wanted to be in the movie.  Of course, Greg said yes, even though he had no idea what/who his character would be until he arrived on set.  In fact, the costumer didn't know what the character was until he arrived and they had to put his costume together in a few minutes.

Greg Grunberg at the Star Wars panel during SuperToyCon 2016
Greg Grunberg
Someone asked Greg: Star Trek or Star Wars?  He said that they are like his children but added JJ had given him a mug that said "You have to Trek before you can War."  (I need that on a T-shirt!!)  Once Greg go on to the Star Wars movie, his primary goal was to stay alive as JJ had Greg on Lost and killed his character off from the show.  This time, Greg was determined to stay alive even to the point of refusing to say lines when he's fighting in the X-Wing about being hit and going down.  They ended up calling JJ (who was working on first unit) to tell him that Greg wouldn't say the lines.  JJ just said, "Well, what are you going to do?" and that was it. No one asked, and I don't think he could/would have answered, about his being in Episode 8 or future Star Wars films.

Greg Grunberg asking David Prowse a question during SuperToyCon2016
David Prowse and Greg Grunberg
Greg mentioned that he has known JJ Abrams since they were 5 years old so working with him is like working with his best friend.

The panels only last 30 minutes, which I feel is not enough time for those which have celebrity guests, so the panel was over before we knew it.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

SDCC 2016: Exhibition Floor

San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Exhibition Floor

San Diego Convention Center


I only went onto the exhibition floor on Sunday during San Diego Comic Con as I had been so busy with other panels and outside events.  I didn’t have enough time to walk the entire exhibition floor, either, but I get to see about half of it.  

Star Wars themed race car on the exhibition floor at SDCC 2016

Sign with car specification of Star Wars Race car

Darth Vader statue on the exhibition floor at SDCC 2016

Shoretrooper in a case at the Hasbro booth on the exhibition floor at SDCC 2016

I saw a few fun cosplays, and I think Venelope was my favorite!  

Sailor Moon cosplay on the exhibition floor at SDCC 2016

I love this Vanellope cosplay complete with candy race car on the exhibition floor at SDCC 2016
Love this Vanellope cosplay!!!
Buffalo in the American Gods booth on the exhibition floor at SDCC 2016

Ghostbusters motorcycle
Ghostbusters motorcycle

Life size Captain America Lego statue
Lego Captain America

Original Wonder Woman costume worn by Lynda Carter
Original Wonder Woman costume worn by Lynda Carter
Screen used "Wray Wray" doll from the Con Man series
Screen used doll from the Con Man series
Green Arrow costume from the WB show
Green Arrow Costume
SuperGirl costume from the CBS/WB show
SuperGirl costume
The Flash costume from the WB show
Grant Gustin/The Flash Costume

I was able to zip through some lines to get some free swag, see an astronaut (Hasbro booth), and cast a spell (Warner Bros. booth). 

I also managed to chat with a friend for a few minutes at the IDW booth.  I felt bad for being so busy that I hadn’t stopped by to see him (with the exception of my stopping by the IDW offices on Wednesday) during the convention prior to Sunday.



Friday, August 26, 2016

FBF: Ash vs. Evil Dead Premiere Concert

Ash vs. Evil Dead 
Premiere and Concert
Hollywood, California
October 28, 2015

Today's flashback Friday post is from the Ash vs. Evil Dead premiere event in October 2015.  All of the pictures were taken on my cell phone so I apologize for the poor quality.
Stage setup on Hollywood Boulevard for the Iggy Pop concert
Waiting for the Iggy Pop concert
I had passes for the Ash vs. Evil Dead premiere being held at the TCL Chinese Theatre, and there was an pre-premiere concert performance by Iggy Pop.  The concert was held in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard (between Orange and Highland). We were invited to dress as zombies for the event, but I wore regular clothes.  Foam chainsaws were handed out to many of the fans.  

view from behind the stage
backstage setup

Iggy Pop concert
Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop pre-premiere concert
Iggy Pop
Before the concert started, Bruce Campbell came on stage to welcome the crowd and introduce Iggy Pop.  It was a fun concert, but I didn't end up going to the premiere because of the crazy amount of people trying to rush to get in.  I was also starving so I went across the street to get some food.  


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Outside SDCC 2016 - ConX

Entertainment Weekly's ConX
Outside SDCC
July 2016

Entrance to the ConX area outside San Diego Comic-Con 2016
Entrance to ConX
This was the inaugural year for the ConX experience presented by Entertainment Weekly during this year's San Diego Comic Con. There were two stages from which there were panels, screenings and a concert.  It was a bit far from the rest of the convention activities, but it wasn't a detraction for me.  My niece and I went to the ConX area Thursday morning, but we got there before they opened, then they opened later than posted.  There were food trucks with plenty of tables shaded by umbrellas to sit and eat.  There were plenty of portable toilets as well.

Heart-shaped bubble in the sky
Heart shaped bubbles!
I didn't get to try the Sweetart candy making since it wasn't operating while I was there.  One of the first things I wanted to do is to get my free t-shirt.  You can choose the design as well as the color of  the shirt you want. There were free donuts from Krispy Kreme, where they also had Power Rangers lanyards, nylon frisbees, lip balm, etc.

Free swag and donuts at the Krispy Kreme donut truck
Krispy Kreme donuts!
There were a few photo ops such as Kubo and the Two Strings mural, Captain America: Civil War, and American Horror Story Hotel.  

Kubo and the Two Strings photo op
Kubo and the Two Strings Mural
There were shave stations provided by Schick, and those who participated received a bunch of free swag.  Everyone received a free water bottle, and they had a water truck supplying drinking water to fill stations.

Schick Shave shop and hydration station
Schick Shave shop and Hydration Station
There were also several charging station which were conveniently placed on picnic style tables so you could sit and relax while charging your devices.  These charging stations were solar powered so points for being GREEN!  The only problem I had is that I didn't have the adapter plug with me so I couldn't use them.  I feel it would have been better if they had at least a few outlets with usb ports.  

Solar powered charging stations
Solar Power charging stations

Outlets on picnic tables to charge your devices
Unfortunately, these required a standard wall plug.
There were Lego man sculptures on a few of the park benches in the area which were promoting  The Art of the Brick exhibit at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Museum.

Lego man sitting on a park bench advertising an exhibit at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center

This red Lego man is deep in thought

I really hope Entertainment Weekly brings ConX back to San Diego Comic Con next year.  I want to spend more time there when things are happening.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Nerd HQ 2016 - Chadwick Boseman Panel

Chadwick Boseman Conversation
Nerd HQ 2016
San Diego Children's Museum
July 24, 2016

Zachary Levi and Chadwick Boseman
Zachary Levi and Chadwick Boseman
The Conversations for a Cause panels held at Nerd HQ are a fun, intimate panel in which 100% of the ticket price goes to Operation Smile.  They are extremely difficult to obtain, because there are only about 200 tickets available and are well worth the effort.  

Zachary Levi talking to the audience before the panel begins
Zachary Levi talking to the audience prior to the panel.

Zachary Levi laughing at something an audience member said or did
Zachary Levi
The Chadwick Boseman conversation was announced during San Diego Comic Con, and the tickets were set to go on sale at 7pm (possibly 7:30pm,  I don't remember exactly).  I was at the free anniversary screening of Aliens which was set to start at the time the tickets for the panel went on sale.  Lucky for me, the screening started late so that I was able to purchase two tickets to the panel from my phone.  I don't recommend trying to purchase Conversation for a Cause tickets via your phone because they sell out within 2 minutes.

Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman

Zachary Levi laughing hysterically and Chadwick Boseman
Zachary Levi and Chadwick Boseman

Zachary Levi
Zachary Levi

Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman
I won't recap the panel since it's available in its entirety on YouTube, but  I will share some of the pictures I took from my seat. 



Friday, August 19, 2016

FBF: AFI Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 - John Williams

AFI Lifetime Achievement Award
John Williams
Dolby Theatre
 Hollywood, California
June 9, 2016

Today's flashback Friday post is from the 2016 American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award for John Williams.

Sign advertising the event on the red carpet
I went to the Hollywood and Hollywood area to take photos of the celebrity arrivals for the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Awards which was honoring legendary film composer, John Williams (E.T., Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter) this year.  While I do absolutely love Hans Zimmer because of his more rock leanings, John Williams composed the film scores of my childhood.  His themes are iconic.

Bottles of Fiji water handed out to the guests
Bottles of Fiji water handed out
I knew Steven Spielberg and George Lucas would be in attendance because of their movies having iconic themes composed by John Williams.  While waiting for the arrivals, I was hurt that no one knew who John Williams was unless you mentioned his famous scores.  

Ed Asner on the red carpet
Ed Asner

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood

John Williams
The Man of the Hour: John Williams

Kate Capshaw
Kate Capshaw
Tony Kanal
Tony Kanal
George Lucas
George Lucas

Steven Spielberg waving to the fans
Steven Spielberg

Idina Menzel
Idina Menzel

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant
I was a bit surprised to see Carrie Underwood and Tony Kanal, but the most surprising attendee was Kobe Bryant.  I mean, What?!!  Why?